About Us

As the benefits of cannabis and its cannabinoids have started to emerge all over the internet, it can be challenging to discern what is fact and what is simply hearsay. Finding reputable and reliable sources of information that include legitimate research and case studies has proven to be a daunting task for many—particularly those interested in finding an effective and natural treatment for their ailments.

At CannaArchives, we've created an online database of CBD and cannabis-related research studies to find answers to your medical questions easily.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of over 1000 reliable case studies categorized by health concern, such as cancer, anxiety, etc. Simply select the ailment you are interested in and find a list of well-researched case studies on how the ailment relates to cannabis and cannabinoids

As you browse through the list, you'll find that each study includes a short conclusion indicating the main takeaways from the research and whether it was positive or negative toward cannabis.

Our database is ever-growing, and constantly being updated. Kindly keep in mind that while we strive to include as many studies as possible, this is an ongoing effort.

Our Mission

At CannaArchive, we aim to provide individuals with seamless access to reliable information on how illnesses can be treated with cannabis. Our mission is to make your journey to health and wellness as simple as possible.

We are diligently locating published studies and continuously adding to our list to provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding cannabis and the plethora of ways it's being introduced as a legitimate treatment for ailments.

Our goal is to completely remove the stigma associated with cannabis so that individuals with illnesses can confidently and legally benefit from its medicinal properties.

The Importance of Clinical Studies

In order for us to advance medical knowledge and patient care, clinical studies are a necessary step. Clinical studies are important because they allow us to discover new treatments for illnesses and find new ways of detecting and diagnosing diseases.

These research studies help determine what works and what doesn't when it comes to treating illnesses with cannabis. Clinical studies also help doctors discern if a treatment's potential side effect is minimal enough to be acceptable and outweighed by the treatment's benefits.

They can also help solidify whether a medicinal treatment used for one condition can benefit another. For example, while many patients with lupus are often prescribed Plaquenil, this medication was initially developed as a treatment for malaria.

In addition, having access to well-researched case studies regarding the use of cannabis medicinally, allows individuals to refrain from self-medicating without the guidance of a medical professional. These studies will be able to determine the safest and most effective way of consuming cannabis and if any contraindications will be present with other medications.

Clinical studies provide valuable information for the medical community that takes us one step closer to improving the quality of life for people affected by illness.

Why the CBD Industry Needs More Studies

The active cannabinoids found in cannabis, particularly cannabidiol (CBD), have been known foryears to provide relief from many physical and mental health conditions, such as chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia, among others.

However, as you begin to research this chemical compound online and its known benefits for ailments, you will likely find the phrase "more research still needs to be done."

In order for cannabis to be truly recognized in the medical community as a safe and effective treatment option, research studies need to be conducted on an ongoing basis. The more research and evidence we have of the medicinal properties of cannabis, the more regions will be open to providing it as a treatment.

As such, the use of CBD will become normalized among the medical community, removing the stigma and fear many individuals still harbor at the thought of cannabis. Individuals can then reap its medicinal benefits confidently and lead healthy, sustainable lives as a result.

It is our hope at CannaArchives that by providing a simple platform for access to reliable and informative research, we can help lead individuals along their journey to wellness.